Open Access Online Journal

Welcome to my website. I am Dr. Ernesto Collabra, a psychologist and specialist in cognitive optimization.

My work focuses on enhancing professional performance by removing limitations on brain functions and pathways.

By providing open access to my work and studies through this website, I hope to open up the latest psychological research and developments to all.

Together with my faithful assistant H├ęctor, we hope to distill many of my papers and private teachings in this website.

Dr. Ernesto Collabra

Cognitive Optimization

Throughout my childhood growing up in a poor neighbourhood in my native Chile, my dream was always to help those in need. Since those humble days the internet has transformed the way we can access information. Today the majority of the literate global population have open access to a vast cornucopia of information. Global research on all psychological matters.

My, what a time to be a researcher! And by reaching my website, that is exactly what you are friend.

This wealth of information is of course a sword with two edges … we have open access to everything, but everything is too much. What do you focus on, how do you distill this research?

Tapping Your Untapped Potential

In this website we focus on research-backed cognitive improvement. Practical ways you can improve your mental health and wellbeing by optimizing your lifestyle, nutrition, and the ways you interact with those around you.

Importantly things, often simple things, you can do yourself to improve your outlook, relationships or professional development.