Welcome to our FAQ.

This is as good a time as any for me to make my introductions. I am Héctor Martinez, assistant to Dr Collabra. I am in charge of running this website. If anything it at fault you may direct your ire to me! I will always do my best to correct errors on this site as expeditiously as possible.

Héctor Martinez

I have a personal question. Can I ask it directly with Dr Collabra?

I have placed this question first as it is our most popular question. It would be a great thing if this were possible, but sadly the pressures on the time of the doctor are such that it is not practical.

If you have a direct question, the best place to ask it is via the comments on this website. I will try and get it to the attention of the doctor, and if there is an answer forthcoming it will be to the benefit of all readers.

Can I have a personal appointment with Dr Collabra?

Unfortunately at the moment the doctor is not taking on any private clients. He is busy with research on a new paper, and is likely to be so for the rest of the coming year.

Can we book Dr Collabra for a speaking engagement?

The doctor is a very private man, and prefers no longer to conduct speaking engagements or guest lectures. Whether that be personally or over the internet.

Can I request a topic of study?

Yes, by all means. Please leave a comment about any area of study and it will be read and considered by me. Part of the open access philosophy is that readers can contribute thoughts.

Can I volunteer for an experiment?

No, unfortunately not. Research is run through locations globally and logistical hurdles make this impractical. You should volunteer for studies within your own faculty.